Berlin Rouge Noir

Berlin Rouge Noir

A history mystery discovery adventure.

This is one of my earliest product concepts and prototypes dating back to 2010.
I was lucky enough to win 1st prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair with this interactive storytelling approach.

I had just discovered the iPad as a “medium” and Locations Based Services where on the rise with Foursquare, Around me and the likes. So I thought I could compile that into a transmedia storytelling product containing also elements of Live RPG and other nerdy stuff. Still in my twenties I was also dwelling heavily on sex and violence. That’s why I gave it that Frank Miller meets 3rd Reich at Casablance style. Also you’ll see some influences from my gamer youth like the adventure game like inventory and riddles in the story. Clearly there are some inconsistencies in the navigation concept and UI. I didn’t care about that enough because the deadline of the book fair competetion was quite tight. Check it out:

The original scripted interaction prototype

I made the whole concept and prototype in a rushy weekend using only Keynote and some photoshopped imagery I found online together with some sound samples. Then I live-recorded the video using screen capturing. You can still hear me tapping on the volume buttons on the keyboard when I slowly silenced the intro music. Pretty low tech, uhm!? 🙂

The theoretic foundation behind the concept was the transmedia storytelling approach and this guide book.

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