Ich bin raus!

Ich bin raus!

An outdoor startup for the lazy peeps.

This is a concept that has been around in my head and sketches for quite some time.
It all began with a friend and me trying to go on a weekend outdoor trip and finding it unneccessarily hard to figure out everything about it. So we came up with the idea of an online service taking the pain out of trip planning for newbies to the outdoor game. In 2011 I made some first screens to showcase the idea and wrote the concept including the insights, JTBD and pains and gains we had found out on ourself. Then we met a potential development partner who also had contacts to a major outdoor supplier we thought would be a good sponsor. The whole concept also drew heavily on the ideas of “Brand Utilities” I was pretty concerned with at that time. Check it out:

Later on – in 2020 – I returned to the idea just after I had build “Conscious Beauty” and had some solid experience with the setup of ecommerce platforms. So I ramped the whole thing up with Shopify in a day and took it from concept to working prototype. Check it out:


Thanks to Pierre Christoph Poyault for discovering and developing this concept with me.
Good ol’ student days!

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